Kindergarten vs. Middle School

This is Max, his first day of kindergarten.

Max school

This is Max, his first day of middle school.


True, he looks happier starting kindergarten. I’m not sure that’s true. He is excited for today, I know. I’m glad he has Reed to look to for support. That is, if Reed isn’t tormenting him at that exact moment.

Davis went to high school today. He seemed ready. I, on the other hand, am not.

I’ve stopped pretending that I won’t be sad the first day of school. I always have been. Always will be.


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten vs. Middle School

  1. getting ready to send jack off to his first day of kindergarten. for all my bluster and bravado, i, too, am sad 😦

  2. Max looks so much like his dad. Handsome boy!

    I hope your kids have a great first day at school.

    I have one starting middle school today and one starting high school tomorrow. It’s a big year for both of us (and for the kids!) Hopefully it will be AWESOME!!

  3. how cute! here is a quote from one of my girls who just sent her son off to college:

    You suddenly face up to this thing called parenting that you’ve grown into for 18 years and now the rules have changed. And you’re in this thing that feels like grief. Yet you’re proud and happy-ish at the same time. And maybe a little jealous.

    uh oh, I am crying again!

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