And the mom is wearing….

So if you follow my tweets, you know I won $100 gift card to Dress Barn at Type A Mom Conference. So exciting! Plus, there was a 20% off coupon in the bag that we all got. So…

It was time to go shopping, don’t you think?

Let me preface this by saying that I hadn’t been in a Dress Barn since Jr. High or High School. My perception was that there was nothing there that I’d want. Sorry. It’s true.

But some moms did some modeling at the conference and you know what? They looked really cute. Really cute.

So when I won the gift card (it was under my chair at breakfast), I was excited. And not just because I never win anything.

I got back from the conference last night after a long, long drive. After some coffee and time with the boys, I left for Dress Barn.

And this is what I bought:


Turquoise short sleeve sweater. Feminine, soft, and very cute.


Nice knit tank (think Misook look and feel) and a really awesome scarf.


Gray sweater. Soft, comfy. Great with jeans.


Rust cable knit cowl neck sweater with 3/4 sleeves. Again, soft. (I like soft!) and these brown slacks.

Total price? $145.65*

Thank you Dress Barn!

*the sweaters were buy one, get one 50% off. Oh, and I got a cute green patent tote, too. Free with a $100 purchase.


9 thoughts on “And the mom is wearing….

  1. Cute! You did good. I went to Loehmann’s and spent $100 on a cashmere wrap sweater, a pair of wool gloves and a a top. I think you did better. (Not to mention yours’ was free and colourful!) All black, of course!

  2. There is a Dress Barn near my house I bought a couple of dresses there. Very cute stuff, but I felt like I had to confess to my fashionista friends that I’d shopped there!

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