Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.


I took this photo of Neil Young sometime between 1980 and 1982 – I think it was at The Mosque, but can find no proof of that right now. Where are those ticket stubs? They’re around here somewhere. I bet I paid over $10 to go to that show….

Anyway, the photo is not great; I got a mediocre grade on it for photography class. But I remember thinking he was amazing.

All this a long way from the impetus for this post.

We like to do some of our grocery shopping at Harris Teeter. And when I say we, I mean Andrew.

So he was shopping last week – Thursday I think it was. And as he walked out reading his receipt (as he always does), he noticed that the young whippersnapper who checked him out gave him the 5% Senior Discount.

Poor guy.

I don’t think he looks SIXTY for goodness sakes. But, in the kid’s defense, it’s hard to judge when you’re 18 or 20. Remember?

But still.


8 thoughts on “Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.

  1. 🙂 🙂 That made me smile on more than one level. Good of you to bring Neil into it to make your point! And let Andrew know I’m impressed with his discount. Can I shop with him?

  2. After an early doctors appointment for my son, we stopped in for breakfast at McDonald’s. I couldn’t understand what the counter guy was asking me when I ordered my coffee. I kept saying, whaaat?, whaaat? He finally answered his own question…
    I got my “Senior Coffee” for a quarter.

  3. Yeh, well I have a stack of AARP cards on my desk that I have been getting for the past two years. Tell Andrew I still think he is a babe. Perhaps you need to post that picture of him with the cat on the motorcycle again!

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