Dream until your dreams come true.


(photo from iphone backgrounds app. not sure who to credit. obviously common license of some sort.)

I’ve been having really strange dreams lately. The good news is that it means I’ve gotten some sleep. The bad news is that vivid, odd dreams make me wonder. And when I start wondering… well did you ever read the book about the mouse and the cookie?

I’ve always been a dreamer. And I’ve always been an optimist. So does that mean all my dreams are happy? Well, actually, yes it does.

In my personal life, I dreamed of a happy loving family. I dreamed that my sons grew to be responsible and amazing. So far, so good.

My dreams change sometimes though.

Recently, I thought I wanted a different house. We found a piece of property and even talked to the county and an architect to see if what we wanted to build – a more eco-friendly, responsible home – was feasible with our financial and personal resources.

I could see it.

I could walk through it.

I could see myself in it.

And so, I was sure it was going to happen and that it was what I wanted.

But I was wrong. I realized the resources needed were more than we would choose to spend – in sweat, time, and dollars. And more significantly, I realized that I did not want a different home. I love the home we’ve made.

Sure, we’re a little cozy here. But I like being with my guys.

And yes, it’s on a tiny piece of land in suburbia. But I hate yard work.

True, my office is in public space so it gets a little noisy after school. But I’m here for my kids if they need me.

We’ve decided that we’re putting our resources into creating more memories. We want to have some amazing experiences with our boys before they leave us for the big, scary world. I am beyond excited – reading travel sites, looking at maps, and…

I have a new dream.


5 thoughts on “Dream until your dreams come true.

  1. I love your house. It’s so great. Great idea making memories. We can’t wait to do that with our girls. Some of my best memories are vacations and outings with the family. My parents were always great like that. Nice post!

  2. traveling is always better than being stuck at home, even if it is a great house. plus by the time your house was built, your boys would have been off to college. i think you guys totally made the right decision and you guys can continue take the best trips ever (keeping all the notes for me for when my girls get older). you wouldn’t want to stop that!! đŸ™‚

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