The Rebbetzin Rocks.

Several years ago, I started reading a blog called Reflections of a Rabbi’s Wife. It was eerie how often I agreed with her, despite our day to day differences. And I loved her sense of humor, her practical ways, and more. She’d read this blog and comment. I’d read hers. We became…friends.

We even (drumroll, please) started emailing each other.

And then, she decided to stop being anonymous and she told the world who she was.


Now, she writes (among others) The Rebbetzin Rocks.

And while I have felt we were friends for some time now, we’d never met.

But today, we did.

What a day!

The kids played outside. We made pizza on the grill. We laughed and took pix (these were good. the others? not so much!). It was like we just met and like we’ve always known each other.

In other words, a perfect day.




7 thoughts on “The Rebbetzin Rocks.

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I have been gone a long time…I think I am off of most people’s lists, thoughts, or radar. But I saw this today and had to comment. You are both people I felt connected to through the blogosphere, and just had to say, how wonderful that you two met.

  2. I found her blog through your blog which I found through my brother tom’s blog. Her blog introduced me to the world of Jewish bloggers, and inspired me to start my own Jewish parenting blog. So it’s nice to see that your connection is greater than just a sidebar –

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