Monday morning you sure look fine

Everything was looking rosy this morning. Well, mostly everything.

And then it didn’t.

Sometimes I handle work stress really well. And sometimes I don’t.

Kind of like Mounds/Almond Joy… you know what I mean.

But now, it’s Monday night.

The boys are in bed. Andrew is out watching the Ravens get slammed by Green Bay. Well, slammed might be a bit harsh.


I was looking through some things in the basement. There I saw my 45 collection. I couldn’t help but smile.

Billy Don’t Be a Hero (The Legend of Billy Jack. Remember?)
The Night Chicago Died (I never understood it)
Popcorn (catchy)
Half Breed (yikes, I bought that?)
Seasons in the Sun (my first kiss)
Lots and lots of records.

And my all-time favorite. I know all the words: Life is a Rock, But the Radio Rolled Me.

What’s your favorite from back in the day?


10 thoughts on “Monday morning you sure look fine

  1. “Band on the Run” takes me back to lying on the lawn surrounding our huge city pool (since closed), frying in baby oil and iodine, with the smell of chlorine and that coconut butter crap they put on popcorn.

    “Fly Robin Fly” = Chains of speedracers at the roller rink.

    I bought “Billy Don’t be a Hero” also, and had a friend tell me “this is crap!” and proceed to snap the 45 right in 2. I was stunned!

    “Dark Lady” came on every time my crazy aunt (who I assume will never read this) made my mother take her to a local psychic/palm reader. Eery.

    Theme from the Exorcist was memorable because my mother would shriek “That’s the devil!!!” and turn the radio off.

  2. OMG, I was in a meeting today and the movie Billy Jack came up. How weird is that?! We are surely linked in some bizarre way. Rest up my friend. Tuesday is always easier.

  3. Tues is always easier cause it’s time to cry Amy? My favs….Black Magic Woman (first real LP I possessed), In the Evening….Zeppelin and of course going way back…Brandy – driving to Jersey Shore with Sue U and Mary.

  4. Oh my first album I bought with my own $$ was Tapestry (Carole King), and then much later Journey (Don’t Stop Believin’ is still one of my faves today!). I was also heavily into Shaun Cassidy and Lief Garret (yikes!). I had parents that were Jazz/Classical musicians so I wasn’t really turned on to most rock and roll until high school. I grew up listening to Benny Goodman and Dave Brubeck and Beethoven. I remember going to my parents and saying “how could you never have turned on the radio to this?” And my mother telling me it wasn’t music it was noise 🙂

    1. I loved Tapestry. I had a used copy from a cousin of mine who passed…. But seriously, Lief Garret and Shaun Cassidy?

      And there’s nothing wrong with Benny Goodman! What a classic. 🙂

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