It’s a jungle out there.

Jungle tree roots 2 by andres_ol via

Until a few weeks ago, I had 2 houseplants – an aloe plant that my sister gave me to replace the aloe plant that died an unfortunate drowning death and a Christmas cactus that my sister-in-law gave me. The cactus flowered a bit the first year and since then, after years of my loving care, hasn’t grown, bloomed, or even perked up.

Yes. It’s true. I have the magic touch.

What some of you many know is that we are selling our house.

Well, trying to sell our house.

The home of my dreams came on the market and we’ve put a contingent contract on it.

(So if you know anyone looking for a nice home in Howard County, MD with amazing schools – Clarksville Elem & Middle, River Hill HS – and a lovely neighborhood with super-de-duper neighbors, let me know!)

Anyway, I’m off track again.

The stager came into my home to help me get it ready to sell. She was impressed by how clean, how organized, how market-ready the house was.

Of course, she had some suggestions.

Nothing big. Easy as pie. Except….

She wanted me to get houseplants for just about every room in the house.

I am not kidding.

So, she’s the expert, right? I’d like to think that if I told her how to do social media research, she wouldn’t push back and say, “but I really don’t like numbers so I’m just going to do it without that part, okay?”

So, I went to Home Depot. And I bought plants.

As it turns out, that was the easy part.

Because you know what?

Now I have to go from room to room every couple days and water those $%&*! plants.

I’m not kidding.

Did you know that about plants? Evidently, I didn’t. Or else I would not have killed hundreds of perfectly innocent plants over the years.

But I’m watering.

And watering.

And trimming.

And while I am not enjoying this one teeny little bit, I have to admit….

They look pretty good.


6 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there.

  1. You should post a link to your house that you are trying to sell. You never know! You might find your own prospective buyer!

    Wish you the very best of luck with the house sale!


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