The tens.

image by caffe

So here we are. In the tens.

When we woke up this morning, Andrew casually mentioned that this is the decade when our boys would grow up and move out.

To say that I found that disturbing would be an understatement.

But it made me think.

What will this decade be?

Well, on the first day of the first year of the new decade, I may as well look ahead.

First some things I know.

  • We will move into the house of our dreams in 2010.
  • Reed and Max will become bar mitzvahs in June 2011.
  • Davis will graduate high school in 2013. Reed in 2015. Max in 2016.
  • I will be 50 in 2011.
  • Andrew and I will have our 25th anniversary in 2018.

And some things I predict.

  • Social Studies Group will grow and prosper.
  • Andrew’s new creative outlet will be wildly successful. (still kind of hush hush… but more on this another day)
  • I will find that balance I’ve been searching for.
  • I’ll finally lose that extra 10 (15?) pounds.
  • My best girlfriends will still be my best girlfriends.
  • We’ll travel more.
  • Ginger will continue to be friendlier and will officially be my cat.
  • Joe will continue to be Andrew’s cat. (oh well, can’t win them all.)
  • We will consider getting a dog. (Melissa, don’t hold me to this.)
  • The boys will find their passions. (A mom can dream.)
  • I will bake a lot more bread.
  • I will be cooking a lot more. (Yes, I’ve stepped beyond assembly and moved into cooking. Seriously.)
  • The boys will each find their first love. And their first heartbreak.
  • I will become more and more immune to eyerolling.
  • We will accumulate more books.
  • We will listen to more loud music. And dance more.
  • I will start playing the piano again.
  • Andrew and I will take long walks – and hold hands more.
  • I will love my life. (Okay, I already do. Can I love it more? Hard to say. But can’t hurt to try!)

I hope you have an amazing decade. I sure plan to.


3 thoughts on “The tens.

  1. This was just an all around awesome post. I saved it in my reader to read again b/c it was a great way to think about life and the next decade.

    Congrats on the new house. I am so excited for you. Melissa and Jeni B showed me photos of it and it looks very dramatic!

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