Product reviews

I don’t do product reviews on this site. While at BlissDom I talked to lots of people who do. Some people get samples only; some get paid.

In the name of full disclosure, this bag of Poppycock was given to me in my BlissDom conference bag. So I did not pay for it.

Last night, I had a few pieces. Tucked the bag in my carry-on so I’d have a little snack for my travels back home.

While sitting at the airport in Nashville, I had a few pieces. And a few more. I typed and typed and snacked and snacked.

Then all of a sudden, I realized I was scraping the bottom of the bag.


Fortunately, when I checked the nutrition information on the back of the empty bag, I saw it was only 160 calories.



That would be per serving.

No worries. How many servings could there be in the bag?


That’d be 1,120 calories.

My best decision? Nah.

But man, oh, man that stuff is good.

(Ellen, Libby, Kristin, Don’t tell Cyrus!)


5 thoughts on “Product reviews

    1. I don’t think it used to be Orville. Nor did it used to have chocolate on it 🙂

      I’m still at the Nashville airport – high hopes starting to droop a bit. With luck, I’ll get home later tonight. We’ll see!

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