I’m counting the minutes.

I have so much to look forward to. (Okay,I guess I should have written, “I have so much to which to look forward,” but that doesn’t that make me sound like a pretentious jerk? My dad always said, “Never use a preposition to end a sentence with,” and (giggle, giggle) it stuck.)

But I digress.

My life is a bowl of cherries.

Really stressed out, mashed, cherries but cherries, just the same.

Work is exciting.

The house we’re preparing to live in is coming along beautifully.

The house we currently live in has a 3rd showing tomorrow.

It’s times like this that being an optimist feels justified.

I just wish it’d all come together quicker. Because being an impatient optimist is a challenge.


6 thoughts on “I’m counting the minutes.

  1. Hey girlie…I’m still lurking, loving you, and waiting for pix of the new house, etc.

    (Starbucks has a new dark chocolate cherry coffee, speaking of cherries…it’s to die for.)

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