Play me some country music.

Say hi to Troy.

Born the oldest of 5 outrageous brothers, and 1 great sister, Troy started admiring music at an early age. People would come over to his house and play guitar and sing, and they were having fun, fully living life and experiencing the moment through music. It’s been his motto his whole life … fun, fun, fun. Troy followed acts from Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention to Willie Nelson and Family, as he worked as a full time sound man in Baltimore under the watchful eye of ‘Billy Kemp and his band’ until the early 80’s. Then Troy headed west at 23 & ended up working for a tour catering company. The first band Troy officially worked directly for was ‘Willie, Waylon and Jessi Colter’ starting on Willie’s birthday April 30, 1984.

So he was a cook for Willie. Plays music with some pretty amazing guys including Billy Kemp and a bunch of guys from Willie Nelson’s band. You can buy Troy’s new CD here. (hint, hint.)

Okay…that is the end of this commercial message. I was not paid nor enticed to post this, by the way. I just like the guy. And the fact that he’s the project manager on our construction/renovation is not – I repeat – not why I’m hawking his CD. He’s already the most attentive, detail-oriented guy. I’m trying not to drive him crazy. At the very least, I’m trying not to become the subject of a song. In a bad way, that is.


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