Moms and boxes.

I’m writing down my mother’s day resolutions.

Wait, you don’t do that? I’ve decided that January 1 is just too damn early in the year to know what is reasonable to promise. And by the end of June, the year is halfway over so it seems a little lame. So May. May works.

While I try not to be overly ambitious, I do want to challenge myself a little.

So here goes:

Finish unpacking. 3 boxes plus some personal organization left. Not bad.
Make more time for hiking, playing, goofing off with the kids.
Ride my bike.
Keep up with the laundry. (Okay, this is ridiculous, but a girl can dream.)
Play with my iPhone less.
Learn something new. Maybe Norwegian? Still thinking. Suggestions?

And of course, there are other things that now that I’m writing it all down I realize that some of it is just not for public consumption.

But I’m going to do my best.

At least until Father’s Day.


One thought on “Moms and boxes.

  1. First list of Norwegian vocabulary terms:

    1) Sol
    2) Familie
    3) Moro
    4) Slappe av
    5) Vin
    6) God helg!


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