Do you remember your first?

I love creamsicles.

And not because I think they are so scrumptious. No.

I love them because of the memories they evoke.

When I was little – from age 5 to 7 – I went to day camp at Camp Milldale.

Aside from the big hills and the extreme heat, my strongest memory is of Friday afternoon snack.

And my friend Risa. Risa is second from left. Kim is farthest left. Her mother taught swimming. To the right I’m not sure, but think it’s Donna? Farthest right, I can’t conjure up a name. It’s been a while 🙂 I think that was Summer ’67.

But back to the afternoon snacks. A major highlight at Camp Milldale. On Fridays, we had the choice of a Fudgesicle or a Creamsicle. On a hot day, doesn’t that sound great? And they’re not sticky like the twin pops we had on other days. Remember those? You’d put it on the edge of the table and break it into two popsicles. By the time you’d get to the second half, it was a drippy, sticky mess! I hated that!

But I loved Creamsicle/Fudgesicle day. Love. Love. Love.

My mom never bought Creamsicles and the first time I ever had one was right there at camp. It was so cool and orange and creamy and… seriously special.

Sure, I’d had Fudgesicles before. But I admit I chose one on some Fridays. And I still choose them sometimes. I especially like these.

This year, Davis is going to be a C.I.T. (counselor in training) at Milldale. Driving onto camp grounds was so odd. Last time I was here, I didn’t drive anything but a 2-wheeler with training wheels.

It looked very much the same. Perfectly cared for, but still rustic. It seemed a little smaller, but the hill still seemed huge to me.

I tracked down the director (who is quite a bit younger than me, I must add) and asked her if they still serve Creamsicles and Fudgesicles on Fridays.


And she had no knowledge that they ever had.

Imagine that something so important to me is all but forgotten. Well, totally forgotten, I’d say, except I bet someone remembers. If you remember, please comment!

Oh, and one more thing. National Creamsicle Day is celebrated on August 14. I can hardly wait.


3 thoughts on “Do you remember your first?

  1. I went to mill dale in 2009 and i was 10 we only got regular popsicles. wish we got those!! mill dale was the best.

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