Another day, another city.

I’ve been doing a lot of business travel lately.

Part of me hates leaving town. I love being home. I miss kissing the kids goodnight. (Yes, they still let me kiss them goodnight!) And I love the quiet time with Andrew when the house is still after everyone is asleep.

The other part of me cherishes climbing into fresh hotel linens at the end of a long, productive day with the air conditioning set at exactly the temperature that I like. And as long as they’re not too perfumy, I love having new soaps to try. I know, silly, right?

It’s an adventure to be alone in a different city, to move to the pace of it.

But I hate eating dinner alone in restaurants.

Tonight, I get to have dinner with Shelly, who incidentally, has a very cool twitter necklace. (I might have to get me one)

But I digress.

Traveling has its downsides. Like the woman on the plane who coughed the entire flight. And its upsides like the fact that I read half a book on the way here and plan to finish it on the flight home tomorrow.

I had a great meeting today and am excited for the one scheduled tomorrow. So that’s all good.

But being away reminds me (not that I forgot) – there is no place like home.


One thought on “Another day, another city.

  1. may I quote the following quote (i hope the answer is yes, because i am about to do it no matter what you say):

    It’s good to go away but it’s even better to come home

    my dad says that, but its possible that he was quoting someone else…? not sure who said it

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