Not now.

As usual, I have a lot going on. Work is hopping. That’s good.

I want to spend time with Davis before his brothers get home. So today, we took a library run and hung out a little. Nice.

But that doesn’t stop the worry.

Worry that my iMac still isn’t connecting properly to the Internet. Or that my email is having trouble (separate issue). Or that I just am not in the loveliest mood. (Just ask Andrew. He’ll probably deny it because otherwise, it could actually get worse for him. Trust me.)

I accidentally opened my iPhoto on my laptop. And I found this:

Isn’t it beautiful!? It’s from when I went to Liberty Hill Farm for a meeting earlier this year. It was heaven.

Peaceful, right?


And then, I uncovered this one:

This is from the Grand Caymans earlier this year. I was lucky enough to go on the Cabot Celebrity Cruise. Such great memories. There were amazing people there – people who do incredible and selfless things for others and their communities. Very inspiring. Very.

So maybe this little trip outside myself for a minute put it all in perspective.

Or maybe it was the email I got from a new-ish friend that spoke to the importance of women friends in life. For health and happiness.

Or maybe it was the undying support that Andrew gives me despite my (possible) grumpiness.

Or it could be the wine.

Or the pajamas.

Or the cat cuddled up by my feet.

I suppose I can deal with my technology nightmares tomorrow.

Because I’m finished with them now. And I’m turning this thing off.



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