I just have to tell you.

I was driving down the road today. Okay, that’s not news. I know that!

I went to downtown Ellicott City today to go to the antique store. Turns out that the typewriter that Davis bought on eBay got here damaged. The guy has been awesome and I’m sure we’ll get our money back.

Meantime, he really wants to type! I called around and there was a great old Royal at Taylor’s. So I took a break from work and headed over there. I got a great deal (seriously great deal!) and took my haul (very heavy haul, I might add) and loaded the car up.

Heading back down Route 40, I saw something that took me a few minutes to register.

A guy came out of the woods with a car around him. Think Romper Room firetruck kind of car.

I am not kidding.

This grown man had a car around him. He was kind of pulling up on it. Like positioning it.

And then, as I passed by, I realized two things.

1) He was supposed to be getting road attention for the dealership that was right there on Route 40 – just a few feet before where I saw him.

2) He was coming out of the woods. Clearly, he’d just taken a break from his job and relieved himself in the woods. Hence, the fixing the car positioning thing.

Oh my goodness.

I had mixed emotions. Shock. I mean seriously. Take off the car. Or go in the building for a bathroom break. But gee whiz.

And amusement. How would you actually manage with that car around you? And what would Miss Nancy say? (And I see Johnny and Bobby and Mary, and I see you, too. And I’ll see you tomorrow on Romper Room.)

Okay. That’s it. That’s my randomness of today.

Happy trails.


4 thoughts on “I just have to tell you.

  1. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. That’s the kind that if, dreamed up for a story or movie, no one would ever believe. Also the sort of thing a lot of people would see, shake their heads, and never think further about it. I love the storyteller in you!

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