A little direction, please.

The good news is that I got a new camera. Yes, I replaced the Olympus digital that I “lost” in our move this Spring.

I don’t lose things. Really, I don’t. So this has been really upsetting to me. I have looked. And looked. And looked.

The camera is nowhere to be found.


So I’ve been living with my iPhone camera only for 3 months now.

And I need to mentioned that EVERY SINGLE DAY, I pined for my little Olympus.

So this weekend, I found one on super-duper sale and bought it. And yesterday, all charged up and ready to go, we took a family road trip. I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures.

But I had photo block. Kind of like writers block, but with a camera. I couldn’t decide what to take pictures of. I kept looking through the lens. And not snapping.

As the day progressed, I started doing a little better. I tried. But most of the photos were trash.

Trash, I say.

But, not being a quitter, I kept trying.

I didn’t get many great shots. But I got a few.

I’ll keep shooting until I get my mojo back.


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