Sisters. Wine.

Sure, I blog. But do I consider myself a blogger? Not really. I consider myself a researcher.

Well, that and a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a driver, a baker, a housekeeper, a cat owner, and, well, you get the picture.

But the fact is, I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 years.

So I guess I’m a blogger.

And because I’m a blogger, I get invited to some cool places sometimes and to some groovy parties and get offers of cars to test drive for the week (I’m serious!) and samples to try. I typically decline. I’ve made some exceptions when the inviter knows who I am and what I do – that I’m really a researcher with a strong online presence and (maybe only in my own head) some influence online.

One such occasion was at BlogHer last month. (Phew, I made it before the month ended so I could say last month. What if I didn’t finally write this post until October? Then I’d have to say two months ago and that’s really unacceptable. Don’t you agree? Yikes!)

The Wine Sisterhood was created by a group of female wine marketers, colleagues and friends, who share many years of experience in the wine industry creating successful brands. The idea was sparked by interactions such as these: showing packaging layouts to complete strangers in airports and asking for an opinion, bringing a new wine to a party to see if guests liked the taste, querying servers which of the following wine names they liked best, polling taxi drivers on their favorite varietals, and so forth.

Not only do I love what they do, I love their logo.

Oh, yeah. And I love wine. Go figure.

So when Wine Sisterhood offered to throw a wine party in my hotel room for my friends during BlogHer, how could I resist? I couldn’t. Just couldn’t.

What to do first?

1. Call my mom. (I thought she’d be impressed. Mom, were you impressed?)

2. Next. Invite my friends! My sister-in-law, friend, and roommate, Liz Scherer, Amy Zimmerman, Holly of BlogFrog fame, Aliza Sherman without whom this would not have happened (Wine Sisterhood is a client of Conversify so thanks, Aliza :), Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones, Cassie Boorn, Megan Jordan, and I know that my old mind has forgotten a few amazing women. Oh pooh! If you were there and I didn’t mention it, please comment or send me a nastygram. I’m sorry!

3. Show up back at the room after dinner and hanging out on Friday evening. And what should be there waiting for me? Some fabulous wines! My favorite? 2009 Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red. That does not mean I didn’t love the promisQous Red (and who can top the name!?) or the 2009 Deep Purple Zinfandel (I love the label. Sorry, I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I do enjoy a nice wine label. Don’t you?). We had a couple white selections, too. I stuck to the red, but all the white drinkers loved them. And the white was all gone first.

We laughed and talked.

Such. Smart. Funny. Women.

All that and good wine, too. Seriously.

Thank you for a great night, Wine Sisterhood!

Postscript: I took a few photos. Sadly (and shamefully) I had no memory card. I know. No memory card, writing a post a month after the fact. I know! Please, I feel lame enough already.

Discloser: I was not paid for this post. Well, if you count the delicious wine for me and my friends then, sure, I was. But they didn’t tell me to say nice things. In fact, they didn’t ask me to say anything. Come to mention it, I’m so lame, it took a month to tell you all about it anyway.

Note to my paying clients: You may not pay me in wine. Well, maybe.

One more thing: You can find WIne Sisterhood on Twitter, Facebook, and you can find a great fall special here. (My birthday is coming soon. Hint. Hint. )


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