Small world?

People say it’s a small world.

And in terms of everyone being connected in some way, I totally agree. In fact, just today, I realized that two people that I know well actually know each other and it was really odd. Strange also, is that since my mom started working on a family reunion for her grandmother’s family – The Owrutsky family (I know, right?) – that I have more cousins than I ever realized. Well, I started ‘hanging out’ with all these cool people I’m related to, but don’t really know well IRL on Facebook over the past year, also. I love my cousin Eric (who I might get to see at the end of the month!) and I’m back in touch with Mindy and of course, there’s Howard and his wife, Risa, who I have known since I was 5… and there’s Lois, who I haven’t talked to in ages. And I have 6 first cousins and various first cousin spouses – many of which I see on Facebook daily. But there are tons more. Tons, I say!

But I have totally digressed here. That is all about the small world.

Now, the point. (I had a point?)

It’s a huge world out there. Huge.

I grew up and knew the people who lived on my block. Then I met the kids at elementary school. Add to that the friends I made at religious school.

Then, I went to camp out of state. Now, I had friends in Pennsylvania and New York, too. In junior high, I met a whole bunch of kids who’d gone to a different elementary school.

Then I joined youth group. Met some folks from different junior high schools. And then came high school where there were kids from two other junior high schools. Sprinkle in the people I met from working at Gino’s. (Everybody goes to Gino’s, ’cause Gino’s is the place to go….)

One of my great friends went to a private school nearby. So I met some kids from there.

My world had grown.

A lot.

Then, there was college. And like all our college experiences, there were people from all over. I learned from them. Met people from different backgrounds, with different beliefs, different family situations, different dreams and aspirations.

But still, my world was somewhat insular.

As I entered and grew in the business world, I met more and more people. It was like the Breck commercial – because each new relationship increased the number of people that I came in contact with exponentially.

I started hanging out online in the 80’s and started to meet people from all over. People I’d never have met. Never. But they were awesome. I loved how my world was expanding.

Turns out that it was just the beginning.

I am amazed at how wide my world is, how many amazing people I know. I am honored and humbled by the connections I have made and the introductions that have happened. My life is enhanced.

Big time.

I was just thinking about some of the people I talk to online almost every day who I would never have had the chance to know. And I’m grateful.

Even more rewarding is how my online and offline worlds have merged over the past several years. I love introducing you all to each other and love that you all introduce me.

And I feel beyond lucky to have such a big world.

I can learn. Grow. Open my mind. See other viewpoints. Share myself. And become a better citizen of the world.

Because of you.

4 thoughts on “Small world?

    1. Wow, that’s so nice, thank you! I’m so glad to know you! You’re a perfect example of how big my world has become and how connected. I mean without the online world, we’d never have met and how crazy bizarre that you know one of my way back blogger friend Lori.

  1. amen. i am loving my “global village” – look, I met you!! you and your beautiful family are an inspiration to me and my husband for how to live a “present” life. also, you just a hell of a lot of fun 🙂

    1. We LOVED spending time with you and yours, too… wished we lived closer… We just may need to take that roadtrip to the R&R Hall of Fame soon after all… (and then to Jeni’s)

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