It’s a wonderful time to get together with family and friends. Time off of work. Bananagrams with the kids. A chill in the air. The smells of wonderful food in the air.

I’m grateful for so many things.




But there are some other things that come to mind this time of year. Such as the memory of last year. My father had triple by-pass surgery and we ‘canceled’ Thanksgiving. It was a tough year.

Twelve years ago, we had Max’s bris on Thanksgiving. In Omaha. My parents couldn’t come because my father was still undergoing chemotherapy. My sister-in-law came out with food to cook and a great take-charge attitude! We had tons of support and people, but it was really tough, too. I still remember how I felt.

And years before that, my grandmother died on Thanksgiving Day. She was the most prompt person of all time and she didn’t show up for dinner. There was no question that something was terribly wrong.

Holidays mark the progression of time.

Our memories make us who we are, right? I do love the holidays but I don’t want to forget the harder times. The contrast helps keep everything in perspective.

Enjoy your family.

I plan to!

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