A door closes, a window opens (or breaks).

When we bought this house in February, we had a few things to do to make it ours. Paint. Move a few cabinets. Replace some (really disgusting) carpet. And our contractor said that we needed a dishwasher. The one that was here was pretty darn corroded. Ewww.

So, he went to Southern Sales and picked one up. Can you believe I did that? I just said, get the nicest model you can in our budget. And it wasn’t a big budget.

Yet, he came back with a really nice Eurotech. Sweet, huh?

I loved it. Very European. The only drawback is that it was a little hard to open. (Just ask my mom!)

And then, yesterday it happened.

Someone (and I’m not naming names) pulled the handle hard and it broke off.

I’m not kidding. Now the dishwasher will not open. We have to replace the whole top front assembly.

So now, I’m washing dishes by hand. (And yes, we not only have 5 in our family, our personal chef/Andrew uses more pots and pans per meal than the average bear.)

But I’m kind of enjoying it. I know, crazy, right? I just get in the zone and wash.

And I channel back to Mrs. Leffler, my home-ec teacher in junior high who taught me this song (to the tune of Yankee Doodle):

Glasses first and silver next and then the dishes after. Then the cutlery then the pots and you will finish faster.

And you know what? It works.

Suzy Homemaker, signing off. G’night!


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