I just wish everyone could be there.

I sure hope he doesn’t mind, but I swiped this scan from my cousin Eric’s Facebook page. It’s his caption, too.

Sarah ‘Owrutsky’ & Sam Sherman. Sam Sherman came from an affluent family of glassblowers. They didn’t entirely approve of him marrying (Sam was 18 and Sarah was 16 years old). Once settled in America, Sam and Sarah worked extremely hard at the coddy business. Waking at early hours, and struggling, Sam supported the entire Owrutsky pilgrimage. Mr. Meyerhoff who owned the business eventually sold it to Sam.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a reunion. I admit I never understood the appeal of big family reunions. I remember when Stephanie went to one a long time ago (must have been in the 80’s), I was a little jealous. She actually said I could come with her and we laughed about people wondering how I fit into the family. If you know Stephanie, you know that she and I do not look alike. At all. I’m much taller.

At any rate, tomorrow is the big day.

All the descendants of my great-great grandfather, Meyer Owrutsky, were invited. One of his daughters was Sarah – my great-grandmother.

I remember my great-grandmother clearly. With her strong accent and her sturdy black shoes that laced up the back, she was the epitome of warmth. When I’d walk in the house, I knew – just knew – that she was glad I was there. Nothing mattered more. She and my great-grandfather lived with my grandparents just down the street from us. My two aunts lived in walking distance, too. It was a throw-back to the way they all grew up in the Greenspring neighborhood in Baltimore. But I digress.


Hundreds were invited. I’m so excited to see the cousins that I didn’t know I had and the cousins I haven’t seen for more years than I can count and the cousins that I’ve always known. I’m excited for my children to meet everyone; to see the what we all come from and what we’re a part of. I only wish that my grandparents and great-grandparents were here to see it, too. I can barely imagine how full their hearts would be to see the enormity of what they created. And to see how so many of us are trying to stay connected in these times that are so different from what they knew.

I’m sure I’ll be writing and posting photos after the event. And I’m sure my world is about to grow.


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