I was thinking.

So that’s me thinking.

Well, actually, that’s me playing with my iPhone.

I’ve often heard that it’s the traits we like least in ourselves that we’re most critical of in others. And that said, I’ve been putting off writing this post. I suppose that’s because other things just seemed to be more important. Or rather, I just couldn’t get this to the top of the pile.

I’ve been procrastinating lately.

Not the regular stuff. I’m not missing deadlines at work. The laundry is clean and sometimes folded before the creases are so permanent that I need to consider using the dreaded iron. I do have some Swash in case of emergency.

The kids’ tests and midterm reports are signed on time. The house is moderately clean. Clean enough.

But I haven’t gotten to two important things. First, I promised myself I’d take time and start painting again. And second, I want to think, plan, strategize for business. How is it that these keep getting shoved to the bottom of the pile?

I’ll ponder that tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll put my feet up and do nothing. And while that sounds like procrastination, it’s not. It’s a choice to turn off and relax with my crew.

4 thoughts on “I was thinking.

  1. what are you painting ? hope all’s well…i would like to stop out next week to visit you guy’s, i’ve misplaced your # or i would just call….was thinking tuesday, if that may work…tell andrew hey, and hope to catch up with you ..T

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