No one has ever accused me of being overly cautious. I make quick decisions. I know what I want (most of the time) and I just do take action.

And while these may (or may not) be excellent qualities in business, they do not always produce the best results in other aspects of one’s life. So, in the spirit of looking back to learn and move forward better and smarter, I wanted to jot down a few lessons I should have learned by now.

1. Everyone is not equally deserving of trust. Some people are – totally. And some act as if they are and then, BAM, they talk about you behind your back, steal your clients, treat you disrespectfully. Not most. But some. Do I sound bitter? I am not at all. What will I do differently this coming year? Nothing. Because I’d rather be surprised by wonderful people and actions than limit the possibilities.

2. Slow down. Doing too much, too fast, and multi-tasking can be distracting. Case in point, the construction barrels pictured above. You know what my Dad calls them? Wendy Barrels. I know, right? And that is because of that one time I hit some on the Beltway. Okay, don’t judge me! If they didn’t think anyone would get distracted and hit them, why would they be there? And answer me this: why would they fill them with sand like Weebles? Huh. No good answer to that one, right? What will I do differently this year? Everything and nothing. Nothing because I love that I’m super productive and get things done quickly. And everything because I plan to focus more on individual things and experiences.

So does that mean you won’t see me on twitter and facebook and instagram? Heck, no. But I do plan to savor my time with friends and family more. And better.

3. Appreciation and respect are ongoing propositions. While I think I’m not half bad at making sure my clients know how much I appreciate them regularly, I think I could do better with my friends and family. Sure, I thank Andrew every night for his scrumptious dinners. And I tell my family members I love them. I want to really appreciate more. Be thankful more. I am so lucky. I want to remember that when I’m looking out at the sunset tonight through the woods – the robins egg blue and the hot pink behind the trees – and when I’m listening to my boys practice their instruments or their lessons and when we’re just laughing at Mr. Hanky.

In the words of a famous (okay, not famous) guy I know, may you get the year you deserve.


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