The vortex.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friendships, work relationships, family and the collision of all of these. The vortex.

Back when I started blogging – a long time ago – I met some wonderful people. While my real-life friends were baffled by it, these people became my friends, too. I grew to genuinely care about them. To really know them. And in fact, to know some of them in real life – in person. People like Lori. Like Leah.

And my world got bigger.

I found that there were people who I could learn from, enjoy, appreciate who I would never have met in my offline life.

Did people laugh at me? Yes. Did that stop me? No.

At the same time, my work has allowed me – for 15+ years now – to work with some amazing people that I knew only on the phone and online and then, later, some in person. Like Jen. Seriously, Jen, how did we actually meet originally? I have no idea anymore. I feel like I’ve known you forever! And there are some colleagues that I have never met in real life, but I know them. I really know them.

As my offline world got online more, they started to understand. And the worlds started to collide. My offline friends met my online friends (online and in person!) and their world got bigger. And then, I met some of my friends’ new online friends and so on and so on and now….

My world is huge.

I know some of the most wonderful and amazing people in the universe.

In the universe!

People like Shelly and Alli and Heather and Danielle and Megan and Aliza. And so many more. Honestly, if I listed everyone I admire in this post, you’d be bored to tears. You might be already.

What I really love is that I’ve had the chance to spend real time – on the phone, in person, online – with some of them. It’s real connections. Real people.

And I’m really lucky.

What’s the point of this post? No point. Just something I’ve been thinking about lately.


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