Not to be cheesy.

Check out this spread. My friend, Libby, shared her Cowgirl Creamery goodies with the girls the other night. Of course, now I feel compelled to buy her an assortment of Cabot Cheese so she’ll love Cabot as much as I do. Those who know me, know I adore working for the farm families who own Cabot. (100% of the profits go to the farmers. I am not kidding.)

I love all my clients and colleagues. Well, most of them. [kidding, I love all of them]

But there is something special about working for the farmers.

2 thoughts on “Not to be cheesy.

  1. Two of my very favorite cheese makers mentioned in the same post! I used to work at a cheese shop in Minneapolis and it was always a special treat whenever we were able to get in any Cowgirl Creamery cheeses (I liked Mt. Tam the best) or a wheel of Cabot Clothbound. Great photo!

  2. Yes, delicious! Cabot is a client of mine, I love them for so many reasons – amazing products of course – but also fabulous people and 100% of profits go to the farmers. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat other cheeses (shhhh, don’t tell) and that Cowgirl Creamery cheese was definitely a treat!

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