Family heirlooms.

When my grandmother was alive, she used to show me the breakfront in the dining room filled with all the things she’d collected over the years. They didn’t have that much, but many of the items had stories. I used to spend a lot of time over there with her and my grandfather. I’d bring pies. We’d play cards. I’d just sit.

And my grandmother used to ask me what I wanted when she was gone. Yikes. I hated that. I loved one set of dessert dishes the most. They’re totally impractical, but I do love them. And I use them.

It’s very hard to be a teenager or 20-something and imagine what you’d really appreciate later.

One of my most prized possessions is a silver kiddish cup. A teensy cup. My grandmother gave it to me while she was still healthy. I’m so glad; so much better that way. The cup had been a gift to my great grandparents in the Old Country -from their entire community. It is etched and lovely.

I smile every time we use it.

Wow, I’ve gone seriously off-track here. Let me swing back.

After my grandmother moved from her apartment to assisted living, my mom and her sisters went through all her things and had to make the decisions about what to sell, what to save, what to toss.

Most items had the perfect home to go to – it wasn’t all that difficult. And as I said, there wasn’t that much. (I mean, seriously, no one wanted the raised toilet seat device.)

When I got there, there was still plenty to clean up and plenty to box up and donate. But there wasn’t much that anyone wanted.

But there was a mah jongg set. ❤

And those Chinese stoneware bowls up there at the top of the post.

No one else wanted them, and I remember eating out of them as a kid. So that made them special.

I never checked to see if they had any value. I never assumed they did. But still, they made me smile.

Fast forward to today. I was at my favorite store and saw a set of six more bowls.

Just exactly like mine! Oh, how I had to have them. To have 11 instead of 5 would be great for company, etc.

It was tag day – all blue tags were 50% off. And the bowls were marked 49¢ each. So I got the set for $1.47 plus tax.

So either, the original bowls were of no value (except sentimental) or this was the bargain of the century!

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