Doing nothing.

I’ve been putting my life out there publicly for a long time now. Sure, I keep a lot to myself. And yes, I only share what I want to share. Because, seriously there are some things that just should not be public.

That’s just how it is.

And I’ve been really quiet about what’s been going on with me lately. And that’s because I just didn’t know if I wanted to share. I didn’t know if I wanted the attention. Because for all my smiles and sunny disposition, I really don’t like it being all about me.

So, on Monday, I’m having surgery.

I’m having an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. (Warning, it’s kind of icky to watch the video.) Basically, I’m having 2 discs in my neck replaced and having 3 vertebrae fused together with titanium.

And no, I won’t make the security bell go off at the airport. And yes, Andrew asked that question. Was I amused? Maybe just a little.

I’m not looking forward to the surgery or the recovery. I think it’s going to suck.

But I am looking forward to having pain-free use of my left arm. Being able to fold sheets, carry a stack of plates, sleep through the night without pain. Okay, I take that back about the sheets. I think I could be just fine without folding sheets.

Truth is, my activity has been limited for some time now and this really just has to happen.

What is my biggest concern?

Down time.

Yes, I’m supposed to take it easy for two weeks. No work. No driving (for three weeks). No lifting anything for quite some time.

I’m just not that good at doing nothing. On the other hand, I’m great at doing too much. True fact.

So if you want to think good thoughts for me next week, I’d be grateful.

Peace out.


11 thoughts on “Doing nothing.

  1. Healing thoughts to you. And, if you want to look forward to folding sheets, there is no need to apologize. Except for the fitted sheets, no one in their right mind likes folding those. =)

  2. Wendy — Big news. Will be thinking of you. P.S. Am happy to help with folding sheets. I get a twisted kind of satisfaction out of it! xo Cameron

  3. Good luck with your surgery, I hope the recovery is a breeze, and that you feel good fast.

    I’m with you on the doing nothing. I often realize that I’ll tell someone that I did nothing on a certain day, and reflect that “doing nothing” really means “didn’t get as much done as I expected,” when I really did dishes, laundry, fed Mom, paid bills, blogged, walked around the park 3 times…

    Good books and Netflix and if you get bored, promise us you’ll take more meds and blog under the influence.

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