Someone is grieving.

I just learned that an old co-worker of mine passed away after a long illness.

Several years after we’d lost touch, someone told me that she’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I remember thinking about how hard a life she’d had. She was a teenager when she’d had her first child and the father did not stick around. She’d had a series of difficult relationships and financial troubles. And yet, she had a positive outlook and deep faith.

I wouldn’t say we were friends. I advised her about her career. I listened to her frustrations at times. But I didn’t feel a deep connection. I’m not sure that she did either, but I know she was lonely. And tired.

It’d been several years – or longer – since we’d talked. So when I found out she was sick, I felt sad, but did not feel as if I should, or could, reach out.

I wish I’d sent a friendly note. Or made some small gesture.

I hope she died in peace and that her family was with her.

3 thoughts on “Someone is grieving.

  1. In many regards, it sounds like you’re describing my mom’s life. That’s an eery feeling indeed, given that my blog entry this morning was about coming to peace with how my living my own dreams helps fulfill hers. (That’s not to say there weren’t about eight million tears shed in the process of writing. That would be a straight-up lie.)

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