My father’s cousin passed away last week. She was in her nineties. I hadn’t seen her since I was very young, though my parents had kept in touch with her and visited her in New Mexico.

I really don’t remember much about her. But I heard stories all my life. She was well-loved.

Most of all, I think of her every time I buy a gift. Why, you ask?

Legend has it, she gave the most interesting gifts. Things you didn’t need, but that you loved.

Like this sterling silver pin cushion that she gave my grandmother many years ago. (And yes, it’s terribly tarnished and I wanted to clean it for this photo, but I ran out of silver polish!)

I feel special every time I use it – every time I look for a needle.

It’s so decadent, it just makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Gifts.

  1. Sometimes gifts are not only given according to the needs.Sometimes people express their feelings through their gift.So it is required that one should not only see the cost but also understand the emotions

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