I read a lot of blog posts every day. And a lot of articles and tweets and Facebook updates. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming.

Much of what I’ve read the past few days have made me stop and think about who I am online versus who I am to my family and closest friends. Am I doing right by the ones who love me most of all?

It’s easy to get caught up. To play that one more game of WWF. To read that last post, to laugh at that thread.

I want to be in my life.

You see, I have a wonderful life. Amazing and independent and thinking teenage boys. A husband who worships the ground I walk on. Friends who would never ask why and just show.

I’m not a religious person, but I look forward to the Jewish New Year. It’s a time to reflect on the mistakes of the year passed and look ahead to do better. I appreciate that time. To stop. To think.

September is a time of transition. From summer to fall. From happy-go-lucky to school.

And I’m ready to thoughtfully move into the next season. But I secretly yearn for the next summer to roll around.

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