Happy anniversary to my romantic husband of 18 years.

Yes, folks. It’s true. My husband proposed by a tender offer.

I’m fairly certain that when he typed this up 19 years ago, he didn’t imagine I’d put it online on my blog. (I mean seriously, as if we all knew what blogs were going to be in 1992. Hee hee.)

But, yet, here it is. And I think it’s really sweet. Albeit a bit odd.

The agreement continued:

And I said yes.

However, I never sign docs without my attorney taking a look, so trust me…I didn’t sign that weekend. Or yet, actually.

We were at the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, Maryland. (That’s where Runaway Bride was filmed.) It’s really lovely. The hotel, not the movie. Well, the movie was fine, I guess. If you don’t mind that laugh. Or the predictability.

But I digress.

Eighteen years ago today, Andrew and I stood under the trees that made our chuppah, in front of our family and made a vow to each other.

אני שלי, האהובה שלי האהובה שלי

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

And eighteen years later, here we are. With three amazing teenage boys, healthy families, and a really nice life.

Happy Anniversary, Andrew.

I think our stock price has risen nicely. Don’t you?


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