Well, hello there.

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Life gets busy.

Sometimes priorities shift. More often for me when life get really crazed, the things that drop off my list are things that I love. I muster through and get all the important things done. But do I write my blog? Do I read books? (Well, I do read books, but they take weeks to finish when I read one chapter a day.)

I’m taking the time back. And I’m writing again.

It makes me feel like me.

When I first started blogging, I had lots of stories about my kids. I can’t do that anymore. They’re teenagers and trust me – they don’t want to see cute stories about them on my blog. Seriously.

To get back in the swing of things, I thought I’d pick one thing I really like and write about it.

I like pencils.

Sure, I like a good pen or marker once in a while. But the lack of permanency of writing in pencil is comforting to me. I like that I have to care for my pencils and keep them sharp. (I have an electric sharpener right by my phone. It’s well-used.)

I just counted 18 pencils in my holder. One writes blue, another red. The rest are regular pencils of varying heights. All except 2 have perfect erasers.

That doesn’t mean I don’t erase! I have some beloved erasers in my left desk drawer. My favorite? A kneaded eraser that I’ve had for years. Works great for stress-relief, too.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll write about my Sharpies. I do love Sharpies.

6 thoughts on “Well, hello there.

  1. I’m a pen aficionado. I love the way they glide across the page and the many colors you can choose. I also like finding just the right grip and weight in a pen. Pencils, I’m not so into. Though I can understand your love. 🙂 Sharpies. Oh, yeah…

  2. I’m a pencil snob.. the only ones I really like are Ticonderoga. Other ones seem to not sharpen as well and have the leads break too often. Although I do like Smencils! 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, write about the Sharpies! With all of the shipping I do I treated myself to a fancified stainless steel, refillable Sharpie! I love them, I want to read about them.

    And I’m inspired by the return to blogging. I want to too.

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