I know what you’re thinking. Another f^&%ing end of year reflections blog post.

Hey, I don’t blame you. I’m a little burnt out from all the retrospectives myself.

This is not that. A retrospective, I mean. Allow me to explain.

I realize that I am who I hoped to be. And notwithstanding some flaws that I will continue to work to improve, I’m happy with who that is. I’m kind and (most of the time) considerate. I love my family and my friends. I work hard and am proud of what I deliver. But I realized recently that I haven’t let all that many people know me – I mean really know me – in my life. While I’m open and friendly (and a good listener), I don’t expose very much of myself.

Am I insecure? Afraid I’ll seem boring? Or just not that special? Scared everyone will know I’m an axe murderer? {Just checking to see if you’re reading. Hee hee.}

And, I think I’m not alone in holding back.

I had an interesting chat with a friend last week. It occurred to me that none of us knows another – I mean – to the core. Doesn’t each of you have something that no one knows you think. Or something you do. Or don’t do? Don’t we all have a secret?

Oh, I’m not saying that most people are hiding hugely important aspects of their lives or terrible deeds. I’m not suggesting, even, that those secrets are even a big deal.

But there’s something.


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