Night #3

When the boys were little, we had a part-time nanny named Sarah. She was wonderful and I was so grateful for her.

I believe she made these candles with the boys in 2001, though it might have been 2000. They’re colored cellophane and construction paper. Nothing fancy, but very clever.

Obviously, I liked them since I still have them. Every year, we put them up, one candle at a time. And they make me smile.

I wonder if Sarah imagines that we still embrace the wonderful projects she did with the boys all those years ago?


4 thoughts on “Night #3

  1. So lovely. I often wonder if the nannies of their formative years realize the impact they had, not only on the kids but on us as well. I still remember so vividly the little things that I was so grateful for, like the smell of fresh brewed coffee and glass cleaner when I would come downstairs. (nothing like a cup of coffee and a sparkling dining room table to start your day!)

    ok, not as romantic as the sweet candles.

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