Slow down.

I was driving behind this truck the other day. And while it may actually say “do not push,” it read to me as “do not rush” which actually seemed like a very odd message from the universe – made even more odd being delivered on a dump truck.

But not being one to look a cosmic message in the mouth or, frankly, to ignore truck wisdom, I took this as a sign.

To slow down.

Not to rush.

For me, this is quite a challenge and not my nature. But this weekend, I’ve taken a walk, read a book, and decorated cookies. Savoring every minute.

I am not making a resolution or anything crazy like that. But I will try to remember how good it feels and maybe it’ll remind me to do it more often.


6 thoughts on “Slow down.

  1. Any time I am stuck behind a slower moving vehicle I choose to see it as an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, and find some enjoyment in the day! I think of it as life’s reminder to be in the moment, instead of rushing ahead to where I’ll be 15 minutes from now.

    Have a grateful day!


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