And now, for a poetry break.

I got the most fun email the other day. From Martin at Anita Poems.

He said a lot of nice things and then “… wanted to ask you whether I could write a funny poem for you and your readers?”

Well, who could resist, right?

Wendy & Boots

She’s a data junkie,
and pretty cool nerd.
Conquers diverse boots,
made of anything but bird.

Her entire life,
she’s been a huge fan.
Lace & buckle biker boots,
make her tougher than man.

Let’s not forget,
she’s still into fashion.
Her new platform boots,
that’s just pure passion.

She’ll study city folk,
wearing sweet cowboy boots.
Via social media,
She’ll find many recruits.

Her custom Dehner,
were beautifully handmade.
She wasn’t concerned,
how much hubby actually paid.

She’s creative through boots,
each pair tells a story.
With three wonderful sons,
she walked into glory.

At the end of the day,
she loves her boots.
Returned her blog header,
to her passion and roots.


Thanks, Martin!


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