Potato sack art.

Many years ago, something was delivered here wrapped in an old potato sack. And for some reason, I saved the sack. I thought it had character. It’s been used as a table leaf protector, a drop cloth, and who knows what else.

But every time I saw it, I thought, “One day I’m going to do something with that.”

Fast forward to a really crappy yard sale. (I love yard sales!)

I bought a 28″ x 42″ piece of art for $.50. It was orange and brown owls on faded fabric. Seriously awful. But I thought the canvas stretchers were worth the price. I’d do something with it. Paint over the fabric and do something funky.

And I did paint over the owls. And though I stared at the newly prepared canvas and tried to envision something, nothing came to me. The fabric was too flimsy for painting – even with the new coating.

So it sat in the workshop gathering dust, spiderwebs, and stinkbugs.

Until this:

Notice the upholstery nails in the sides. $1.79 at the hardware store.

I really love it and I knew one day I’d be glad I held onto that potato sack.

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