The last time…

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The last time Andrew and I took off for an overnight in D.C. It was warm and beautiful. We had dinner at Komi. We took a Segway tour. We stayed at at a Kimpton Hotel. I love Kimpton.

In a couple weeks, we’re going again.

For no reason.

Just to get a night away and be a couple.

Of course, it’ll be cold this time. But, again, we’ll stay in a Kimpton (a different one this time) and again, we’ll eat great food and sleep late.

It amazes me how hard it is to get time alone together now that the kids are older. When they were young, we had a standing sitter – every other Saturday – and we’d go out.

But now, there’s driving to do, places for the boys to be. Kids here. It’s just way more complicated. Way more.

We all know that to be a good couple, you need time together without the kids. And sitting together in the stands at wrestling tournaments does not count.

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