Higher education.

{note: I deleted the post by mistake & sadly it took away all the lovely comments. I promise you I read them! Yikes. Sorry}

It’s really never been a question of whether our kids would go to college, but rather where they’d go. (I’ll add that Andrew and I would be open-minded about non-college options or a gap year.) But in general, college has always been on the table as the next step after high school.

It seemed so far away.

So unfathomable.

So impossible.

And yet, Davis has been working on his list of colleges to consider. We’ve visited a couple already and plan to visit more. He’s taken the ACTs and will take the SATs in a week or so.

Rewind to when he had rosy cheeks and freckles. (see above!)

He sat up on his bed – high up on the top bunk – and looked at me very seriously.

“Mom, when I go to college, I want to stay here and live with you. Maybe I’ll go to Johns Hopkins.”

And though it was unbearable to consider that he’d ever leave, I told him that while living home during college was a fine option, it was likely he’d change his mind when he was 16 or 17. And that for a lot of kids, going to college away from their parents is a big part of the college experience. Part of growing up.

Still, he insisted he’d never leave me. He loved me way too much.

The schools that he’ll be applying to are varied and wonderful. None is a commuter school for us. And honestly? I think that’s great for him – the right choice. I know he’ll be great on his own.

But there’s that little piece of me that wants to cry and remind him that he promised he’d never leave.

3 thoughts on “Higher education.

  1. I loved all your comments – thank you! Sadly, the entire post – including comments were deleted by a fat finger on an ipad (long story).

    I learned a great lesson. No wordpress for me on the ipdad!

  2. Davis is a glorious man; his mom and dad are sunshine that has nutured his amazing spirit – at his brothers have tempered his extraordinary sense of self. I personally am hoping he’ll consider UVM. So dear of you to share, Wendy – such a sweet ache to reveal. R

    1. Oh yes, he’s wonderful. He did **maybe** have Bennington on the list. We’ll see! He pointed out that he has friends nearby! We’ll see 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

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