A non-conventional anniversary.

Tuesday is my anniversary. 

I know what you’re thinking. Andrew and I got married on October 2, 1993. (You were thinking that, right?)

But April 24 is the anniversary of my wedding to my first husband. (If you’re asking yourself if I had a first husband, the answer is yes.) 

And then you’d be asking yourself, why the heck Wendy would be celebrating the anniversary of her marriage to her first (and clearly mismatched) husband. And that would be quite a valid question. 

The answer to that is…of course I’m not celebrating that. Come on. Give me some credit, here. I wish the guy all the best. Really, I do. But he and I were about the worst match ever in the universe. Not kidding. He didn’t have the (ahem) appreciation for me that Andrew has. Or maybe he was intimated. Just saying. (Oh crap. Do you think he reads my blog? He might. If so, hi Mark.)

But back to the anniversary. Tuesday is the anniversary of the actual divorce decree of that first (and ill-fated) marriage. 

I know. How crazy that the marriage started and ended on April 24. 

Very poetic, if you ask me.

I am grateful for the divorce. Grateful for the get that allowed me to marry Andrew in a Jewish ceremony. Basically, a get is a Jewish divorce. It’s a release for the woman to move on. Seriously. It says, “You are hereby permitted to all men.” Not kidding. And true story: I did not date all men after the divorce. Only about 30. And then I met Andrew. Andrew and I were married a couple years later.

A quick aside – I am very unsure if the rabbi who married Andrew and me actually did all that was required. He was quite old and not well. It was extraordinarily fast, too. So, I’ve wondered over the years if he forgot some of the important parts. I suppose it’s not particularly important, though. We’re legally married.

It’s obvious that I can’t stay focused here. I want to say that an old friend is getting married next week – to the woman she has been committed to for about a thousand years. I am so happy for them I can barely contain myself. Congratulations, Susan & Kay.  I wish you every happiness. 

So marriage. 

It’s a hot topic. I believe in marriage. I do. 

I believe that it’s possible for two people to work their butts off to stay moving in the same direction. To cherish the best of each other. To suck it up and deal with the worst of each other. 

I believe in forever. And don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that forever is the Cinderella kind of forever but I am saying that forever is my goal and that my husband and father of my amazing sons is stuck with me come hell or high water. 

And I like it that way.
I’ll make a quiet toast on Tuesday like I do every April 24. And I’ll thank my lucky stars.

7 thoughts on “A non-conventional anniversary.

  1. I love this. I also love that you clearly state it takes work. A LOT of work. I think when I got married I knew I was committing to the work, not just the person or the idea of marriage. We will celebrate 14 this year and we’ve put in the work and it has paid off. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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