Regrets? I’ve had a few.

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I don’t have too many major regrets from pre-adulthood.

I do regret putting that perfumed love letter in the awkward guy’s locker in 8th grade. I still feel awful about that. And I feel terrible about not sticking up for the girl at my art table in 7th grade when Billy and Michael made fun of her. I really don’t know why I didn’t.

I regret not talking to my parents about the 100 page creepy love/stalking letter that I was given in high school. I did, however, talk to the guidance counselor about it. (Sorry, Mom. I’ll tell you now, if you want.)

I regret this one other thing which I won’t be talking about. But I do feel crappy about it.

But in general, I think I made mostly good choices. And I was a pretty good kid and a good friend.

Though I’ve wondered lately. There are some ‘girls’ from my childhood and teen years that I’ve become reacquainted with on Facebook. They are funny and smart, interesting and engaging. So why weren’t we better friends back then? Did our groups of friends not mesh? Was there something else? Did one of us dress “wrong?” Were we too smart? Too not-smart? Too clique-y? Too shy?

And then there’s the bigger question. If we were in the same room, would we have stuff to talk about? Would we feel the love?

I have no idea.

I’m just wondering tonight.

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