I had the worst dream last night.

photo credit to http://www.sxc.hu/profile/mzacha

In my dream, I took a bus trip with some of my friends and some respected colleagues. Some of you, maybe. All women.

It was a tour of many cities and we’d spend a few days in each. We’d explore and eat and see the sites. And then we’d hit the bus and go to the next stop.

I was in my room at the hotel. I think it was Philadelphia. Could have been anyplace. It was just a moderately dingy hotel from where I sat. It was time to go the bus. I couldn’t get up. Literally, I couldn’t make myself sit up. I tried. But I was so tired.

My good friend sat me up in bed and told me to put my shoes on. The bus would be leaving in 5 minutes.

PUT YOUR SHOES ON. You’re going to miss the bus.

But I couldn’t. I had a shoe in my hand, but couldn’t get it on my foot.

I was so tired.

She threw up her hands and said she had to go. Couldn’t miss the bus.

But I did.

Because I couldn’t get my shoes on.

It would be ok. I’d buy a train ticket home.

Except my purse with my wallet was on the bus.

I had my phone. I’d paypal. Except the battery was dead. And the charger? In my purse.

I wandered a while wondering how I’d get home. But I was having trouble concentrating.

I was so tired.


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