Fear. Chicago style.

Today, we toured the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

It is so well equipped. Amazing technology. Incredible courses. Remarkable studios.

Honestly, if I was thinking of art school, I’d have been drooling. The student tour guides were informative and personable. And trust me, I asked a lot of questions. They weren’t fazed. We saw the residence halls. I am here to tell you that I know many an adult who doesn’t have this amazing a space.


Everything about the facilities here point to opportunities for real creativity.

So cool.

Except on one part of the tour? The part in the building under a bit of construction? Right, yes. The building where our small tour group entered the stair well to realize that there was no way out. All the exits were locked.


Sweat ensued.

But since it’s 2012, our guides called someone on campus to ‘rescue’ us. Okay fine, just to open the door.

We’re fine.

But I admit, it was a little tense for a few minutes there.

The tour is over. We’re just soaking in Chicago. This is one of my favorite cities. I think I’ll take one more long walk (despite the fact that my feet are feeling the 5 miles we walked this morning) and soak up a little more Chi-town.

2 thoughts on “Fear. Chicago style.

    1. Right! We got in Friday morning; took the tour, walked around, had dinner…and are leaving around noon. Too fast! I love it here. I promise if my son does go to school here, I’ll take you up on that challah!

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