Checking out my stats.

So as I checked out my blog stats today (not bad considering my irregular posting schedule these days), I saw that July 29, 2008 was a really great day. So what did I write that day that was so well-liked? As I checked, I couldn’t help but laugh at the lack of depth. I admit, I thought that July 28 and July 29 were funny, though. So, I’m sharing.


From July 28, 2008

Today, as I was leaving the grocery store, there was woman standing in front of the automatic exit door. She looked frantic. She was waving her arms over her head, off to the side and up again.

Our eyes met. Obviously the door wasn’t working. She couldn’t trip the motion switch. I could see the panic. Stuck in the Giant forever, her eyes said.

I walk beside her, reached out and pushed the door open.

From July 29, 2008

From billpalmer on Twitter (reposted with permission)

why would my car insurance account even have a password? are we afraid some rogue element is going to sneak in and pay my bill for me?

2 thoughts on “Checking out my stats.

  1. Don’t worry about any perceived ‘lack of depth’. They are funny… and if you think about it, having a good sense of humor is pretty deep! Thanks for sharing!

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