What a nice night out in Boston. Dinner at Nico. We had lots of advice. Lots. And as much as we wished we could eat at all the restaurants that our family and friends suggested, we had only one night. I know. What a challenge.

So after a long day and a food tour of the South End, we jumped in a cab to the North End.

I’d like to mention that a family of five has a tough time getting a cab around here. Trust me. Have two kids. MUCH easier. Not that I’d ever give up Max. He’s totally worth scrounging for a cab driver willing to break the rules. And besides, he’s the best cuddler. But I digress.

The pasta was perfect. And trust me, we’re critics.

But the piece de resistance, our waiter brought Limoncello for all of us at the end of the meal. All of us. Including the kids. I thought it was very European of him.

Okay, the boys thought it was gross. That’s fine. Maybe even good.

But it was almost like being in Italy.

And now? We’re back in our hotel. Our incredibly comfortable, fabulous hotel with a pillow bar.

And we’re eating our cannoli from Mike’s.

Vacation is almost over. Sad. But such a great ending.

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