Why I don’t do politics online.

I grew up in a Libertarian household. And most of my friends were very liberal. The memories of “so what if your house was on fire and you didn’t pay the fire tax” are still fresh in my mind after all these years. And so are the conversations about the people who couldn’t afford healthcare or food.

I have my opinions. They’ve changed and (hopefully) matured over the years. I try to keep an open mind, but I’m not always great at it.

But when I see the ugly words and the nasty posts from all sides, I am disheartened. I can’t see how we’ll get out of this. How we’ll reduce the deficit, take care of our own, keep our soldiers safe and home. And how we’ll ever have a respectful dialog.

It’s all so unpleasant.

I have my opinions. And I support my beliefs and causes…quietly.

I just prefer it that way.

You know I love comments! Comment here. (Does that sound needy?)

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