I have few regrets.

photo credit to katagaci

Do you have regrets? I have so few. Really, so few.

I have definitely made some missteps in my life. But I prefer to think of them as detours that led me to my current situation.

And that situation? A husband that adores me and who I think isn’t half bad either 🙂 and 3 amazing sons. Toss in some friends that I couldn’t live without and an extended family that supports my every move.

Sounds perfect, no?

Well, you know how it is. We all have our challenges. But I have to say that my overall sitch? Pretty phenomenal.

And I still have options. I’m looking at new classes. New hobbies. New educational ops.

But there are a few things that are no longer on the table. Things that I sorta wish I’d tried.

Like roller derby.

I know, right?

I always loved skating. Though I wasn’t that great. I loved to go to Skateland and go round and round and round. I could hold my own. I’d have made a great Whippin’ Whirlin’ Wendy.

But I never tried.

And now, sadly, it truly is too late.

2 thoughts on “I have few regrets.

  1. Great family and friends are about as close to perfection as I can imagine. You would’ve kicked butt at roller derby:)

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