photo credit Onatos
photo credit Onatos

You might think I haven’t posted much because I haven’t had many ideas. You would be quite wrong. I’ve had lots of ideas. Lots. Allow me to demonstrate. The following list is an actual – I mean no changes, actual, actually copied from my computer ‘sticky notes’ directly:

  • hairy legs
  • autograph book
  • china
  • elbow wrinkles
  • letter train
  • biting nails
  • reply all – appropriate for just a kind word?

So, yes. I have ideas. And from the list above you can see that they’re pretty darn great ideas.  (And don’t get the idea here that I’m not going to use those ideas again. I am. Trust me on this.)

I haven’t had a lot of free time. Ha. There’s an understatement! And the little time I’ve had, I’ve chosen to spend it with my guys. (Or to go to Stoop Storytelling.)

Always the optimist, I think I’ll be catching up soon. Maybe I’ll write a ton of posts and schedule them out.

Or maybe I’ll keep doing the best I can and write when I can and hope that anyone still reads. Doing my best over here.


3 thoughts on “Ideas.

  1. Hairy legs are never a good idea (at least for ladies and cyclists). More fun when you write posts “in the moment” because it captures something that gets lost in scheduled posts…but I’ll always read either way:)

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