Random thoughts on a snowy Christmas Eve afternoon.

I am having the best day.

The. Best. Day.

Let me recap for you. I slept late for a weekday. Until about 7:30. Andrew had (as usual) set the coffee to brew first thing. My first cup was extra good.

I was at the gym by 8:30 for a training session and worked really hard. I got a little sweaty, the music was good, and the hour flew by.

I started baking when I got home. Worked a little, baked a lot. Oh, and I made applesauce.

Sometime in the middle, I ran out to pick up my guys. They’d spent the long weekend at a convention. It seemed like they’d been gone so long and it was nice to see them. Though I didn’t hear about every detail, they told me some funny and interesting stories. And I heard about the community service project they’d participated in that included cleaning up a park in Southeast DC. Love that – except that they found lots of hypodermic needles. And no, they did not touch them. Yikes.


Okay back to this most wonderful day.

Andrew is reading. Two boys are playing a Playstation game. The third is playing a computer game.

And I am sitting in my bed, with my iPad, iPhone, and laptop. I’m watching the snow fall in the woods outside my window. I’m watching Pawn Stars. And I’m blogging.

So about the television. I don’t think the tv in my bedroom has been turned on in over a year. The last time I remember is after my surgery in March 2011. And, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how to turn it on. Good news is that it was easier than the one in our living room. That one is a total puzzler.

Andrew just came in. He had been looking for me, though it took him a long, long time to realize I wasn’t in the room with him. Hehe. He decided to sit down and join me. There goes the peaceful solitude.

But of course, it’s always nice to hang out with him, too.

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